Half Price Photoshoot Vouchers @FreshWatford!


The Fresh Academy is launching its biggest ever sale with 50% off ALL photoshoots. If you’ve been thinking about having a photoshoot for yourself or a gift for a birthday or Christmas present now’s the time to pick one up. The code is FRESH502919 and is valid until the 7th of October.

Everything is online and you can see availability on the online booking calendars now too. Gift vouchers purchased online are valid for one year so if your buying one for a later date then your pretty much covered.

There isn’t any obligation to purchase anything from your photoshoot and Fresh make that clear BUT I would defiantly recommend having a look on they’re website for pricing of products as like most experiences there are plenty of purchase options available and you WILL want to make a purchase.

Thankfully packages aren’t over the top as many studios can be and whilst there isn’t much on offer for under the £200 mark what you get when spend £300+ is significantly more than most comparable or high end studios currently offer. It is also worth mentioning that the Primo Series (Fresh’s name for premium wall art) is absolutely stunning and if your buying a digital package is HALF PRICE!!! Now £995 is hardly an amount to shrug off as a small spend but you will walk away with ten digital images and a 30x20 metallic or gloss art Block for that which is around 40% cheaper than competing studios.

So then what about the actual studio and photographers? Well thankfully the Fresh Academy is one of the largest and bets equipped studios in Europe with the most expensive and powerful equipment in the industry. Its also packing a punch with its photo team too with its Director level photographers being some of the best studio portrait photographers in the UK. Even they’re normal studio photographers have been meticulously trained by some of the best photographers and educators in the industry with regular training days and mentorship programmes with they’re directors.

Speaking of the studio directors they are worth shelling out the extra £50 on if you are looking to buy a package or want very high quality imagery. Nick is one of the bets fashion, beauty and makeover photographers in the studio portraiture industry and Charlie is one of the biggest names in the game with over 25 years experience and an incredible talent for fun, energetic family lifestyle shoots. Give it a pass if your only after a print or two but for wall art and digital packages it’s well worth a thought.

There’s free parking on site and the staff are all very polite and happy to help.

In summary as far as bargains go this is definitely one to consider and if you have any birthdays coming up or want to get ahead for Christmas shoots with the discount code xxx are either £15 or £25 depending on the type of shoot and they all come with a complimentary print.

Its also worth mentioning that when you book the session there is a £25 booking deposit deposit but this is refunded at the viewing as long as you don’t miss your appointment or cancel/reschedule less than 48 hours before your appointment.

To bag the deal all you need to do is enter FRESH502919 at the checkout stage either on the gift voucher page or if you'd like to book straight away you can also use the code on the bookings page.

Gift Voucher Link - https://www.freshacademy.co.uk/shoots

Bookings Link - https://www.freshacademy.co.uk/book

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