The Fresh Team

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Charles Kaufman - Company Director

Charlie has over 20 years experience behind the lens and is the founder of The Fresh Academy. Charlie is a renowned fashion, portrait and function photographer with an FSWPP Honors.

Charlie’s work has been published in such publications as The Times, Daily Mail, Glamour, Elle and Cosmopolitan. Charlie is also an international speaker in the photography industry.


Nick Alexander - Studio Director

Nick spends most of his time in the Studio and is a self confessed lighting geek! Nick likes a challenge and loves trying new idea's. Lots of equipment will be moved around and the studio will have been well used by the time he's done in a shoot. If your adventurous and confident, Nick will be the perfect photographer for you.

Nick started his journey in photography shooting onboard cruise ships and is very well traveled, upon returning to the UK Nick worked in two of the biggest makeover and fashion portraiture studios in the UK, eventually opening his own studios and later, multi-award winning high end hair salons.

His portfolios show a wide range of incredible imagery from Hair and Beauty work to stunning Fine Art Portraiture. His love for photography has been the driving force behind some truly remarkable imagery.

Nick's accolades include a string of awards as well as work featured by top international brands such as Wella, he’s also shot some of the most exciting fashion Catwalk shows in the world including "The Emerging Trends Show" in Paris, New York and London. 


Hope Taylor - Photographer

Hope is a resident photographer here at the Fresh Academy. She specialises in new-born, baby and bump photography. She is also responsible for most of the production on prints and wall art orders.

Hope has worked with photographers such as Marc Aitken and Elli Cassidy and attended numerous photography courses around the UK with the Royal Photographic Society. 

Hope lived in Bath until three years ago, before spending a month travelling around Vancouver and the surrounding area building her experience photographing landscapes, wildlife and city vistas as well as participating in courses with the highly respected Vancouver Photo Workshops.

She then moved closer to London where she could fully develop her skills and gain more knowledge in studio photography, working alongside Nick Alexander and Charlie Kaufman at Fresh Academy.

As a keen environmentalist and vegetarian, Hope is known as the “Captain Planet” of the studio. So, if you see her making sure paper is recycled or eating a bowl of green leaves, know she’s in her element.


Charlotte Talbot - Portfolio Consultant

Charlotte is the Fresh Teams booking consultant. She’s been working for Click Connection Corporation for 4 years and has been working specifically with Fresh Academy for the last year. If you call Fresh, she’s most likely to be who you speak to. She’ll be able to answer any questions and guide you through the pre consultation and the session details. Any questions you may have, she’ll be able to answer.


Luke Derbyshire - Film/Retoucher

Luke is the editor and videographer for Fresh Academy. He studied film and TV for 3 years at the University of Hertfordshire and then went on to travel Japan for a two months before returning to the UK and starting work at Fresh.

He’s previously had work experience with the Peter Jones Foundation for photography and has gone on to become a very talented retoucher as well as film maker. His creative personality makes him perfect for coming up with ideas for new videos and editing our Capow! genre in the most imaginative way, as well as entertaining everyone in the office with his quick wit! When he’s not editing or filming he’ll be at home, gaming whilst eating a Gyoza or two.


Chloe Hodson - Studio Assistant

Chloe is currently in her last year studying photography at the University of Hertfordshire and in her spare time she’s working as the studio assistant at Fresh. By working mainly weekends she’s gaining valuable experience in a wide variety of shooting genres and is becoming a very apt and creative photographer.

She’s previously done shoots for actors and dancers , fashion Masters students and she's even done some work for ASOS market. After she finishes her course at University, Chloe is planning on coming and working with Fresh full time and with no doubt, she’ll become a very accomplished photographer as her passion for shooting and creating beautiful imagery is very clear.

Chloe is our resident foodie of the studio. When her mind isn’t thinking about how to create the best shots, she will be thinking about what she’s having for dinner, which is of no surprise when she’s normally finished her lunch before 10 o’clock.